Where to Fish for Salmon

 Where to Fish for Salmon

Do you know how to fish for salmon? Check out the best gimmicks and tackles for beginners.

Salmon berthing season begins around the end of August.

Anglers can stand side by side on the shore, swinging long rods.

Follow your land’s rules and enjoy salmon fishing during migration.

We will describe how to fish salmon only in autumn in Hokkaido and how to use recommended tackle.

“I found information about fishing spots on the Internet, but when I went there, there were so many people that there were hardly any places to fish.

Fishing space! “Since it is such a popular target fish, I would like to follow the rules and manners even more at the fishing spot.

How do I fish for salmon?

Where to Fish for Salmon
Where to Fish for Salmon

Salmon = akia mackerel and pink salmon, but many anglers target them because they can pull commensurate with their large physique.

Salmon fishing is prevalent in sea Bay, located in southwest Asia.

A current epidemic of infectious diseases discourages expeditions from other prefectures, but locals will target salmon when the time is right.

It is necessary to Get a slightly different case with a different gimmick for salmon fishing than other fish.
Let’s introduce it in an orderly and understandable manner.
Let’s begin with the rods.
Prepare a longer spinning rod, about 11 to 13 feet.
As long as it is commercially available for an Akami, it fits perfectly and is easy to handle.
In terms of spinning reels, medium-sized spinning reels between 4000 and 5000 will match line capacity, rigidity, and drag performance.

When winding PE around a reel spool, we recommend winding around No.

A large salmon catches onto it; it will withstand its FG knots and directly connect the PE line to the shock Latinising FG knots.

When choosing the shock leader line, choose fluorocarbon lines between no. 6 and no. 8, which sink quickly in water.

In addition, we will attach a unique hook for salmon fishing there.

Many forms are stretched into an ellipse rather than a sphere for increased flight distance.

You can find plenty of floats on the market for this, so please use them between L and sizes.

Tying a spoon lure weighing about 40 to 50 grams would be best.

Because salmon prefers this color scheme, choose a red-orange color scheme.

Lures with spoons are fitted with octopi’s baits and hooks made of rubber.

A hook in two rows is standard for hanging a red squid or yellowtail fillet.

How to fish salmon with a combination of lure fishing and bait fishing!

Salmon fishing devices combine lures and baits to produce hybrid fishing devices.
The fish fillets used as bait contain garlic or other ingredients that give them a pungent taste.
Salmon predation is activated by this product, which is available at local fishing tackle stores.
Yellowtail fillet combined with garlic is quite bold, but locals recognize it as a popular bait.

Cast gimmicks and slow retrieval is basic!

If you are fishing for salmon, cast your prepared device offshore and repeat the retrieval in the slow.

It has a strong bite that snags but must be done slowly.

Ensure the hook is firmly secured on the salmon and the line is tensioned before the hooking motion begins.

Checking the hook is always a good idea; if the tip is dull, you should actively replace it.

My last visit was before the outbreak; many anglers were on shore.

Ensure your fishing seats are as far apart as possible and don’t disturb your predecessors.

I chose the recommended tackle to use for salmon fishing!

Now, look at some of the best salmon fishing tackles you want to use.
Regarding the spinning rod, the knot test rod made for white salmon is easy to handle.
A long cast is also good; communication can be handled smoothly after a salmon hangs.


Daiwa released this spinning rod in 2021 for salmon fishing from the shore.
The blank is reasonably long, so it’s a three-piece specification, which makes it easy to carry.
There is a total length of 3.3 meters and a centimeter finish.
The weight of 134 grams is designed to match the length.
The trip to Andoritripland was originally 275.2/5.1, so t will handle salmon of about 8 kg well.
A suitable lure weight ranges from 4 grams to 15 grams.
Suitable lines range from 70 to 12 pounds for monofilament liners. The carbon bond content of the blanks is set at 30 percent.
The rod is made according to original salmon fishing specifications, so it’s sturdy and dur and has a tight finish.
The rod will suit those who want to keep fishing for a long time while approaching with a long cast.
Daiwa’s X99 suppresses screws, while HVF carbon enhances sensitivity, tension, and lightness.
The braiding X is also considered, so screwing suppression will work well.
As a result, the selling price is in the low 45,3 yen range, which is within the excellent cost-performance price range.
It would be great if people who want to catch sizeable white and pink salmon could see them.
There is a down-locked reel seat, and the grip area is made of EVA.
Due to the pungent smell of fish fillets used for bait, the grip may be easily washed with water.
That’s a very kind specific. It?

DAIWA Spinning Reel

There needs to be something medium-sized about this Daiwa spinning reel.

Since it is designed for offshore and casting games, I chose it because it is sturdy, easy to handle, and has plenty of line capacity.

There is a gear ratio of 6.2 to 1, so you can win a centimeter of line per turn of the handle.

We set the dead weight at 105 grams, a little lighter.

With a maximum drag force of 285 kg, even a large salmon can enjoy interacting.

With PE line No. 2.5, the line capacity can be wound for 12 meters Three hundred.

Three hundred ball bearings are in the handle, the handle length is six-millimeter rotator grips, and the knob rotates smoothly when held in your hands, making it easy to retrieve.

Drag handedness is also plentiful, and you won’t feel the reel sagging even if you forcefully pull the fish with full lock.

This is suitable for using around No. 60 to No. 2 of the PE line as the main line.

The actual selling price is $3,2, which is very reasonable.

Upon returning home from fishing, thoroughly clean the line roller and handle knob with tap water.

It should work similarly when you wipe it, and it dries properly.

As it is equipped with a mag shield, it is waterproof.

It is my goal to be bold and catch record fish.

Fishing for salt captivates advanced fishermen.

There is also an explanation of habitat areas and winning tricks

Salmon can be prepared in many ways, such as frying, grilling with salt, and M underwire. It is an easy ingredient to incorporate into your daily menu. These salmon can be purchased at supermarkets as well as harvested in Asia. We will discuss the almon habeas area, fishing season, fishing methods, etc.

1. Get to thee now, salmon habitat and fishing season!

Salmon are classified as members of the salmon family.

Salmon habitat area

Upon growing up, they will likely return to the river where they were born to spawn. The fish migrates in waters with relatively low water temperatures. Salmon of this species inhabit the ia; It can also be found in the northern Asian prefecture; salmon are born in rivers in early autumn and go to sea in spring. After several years at sea, he returns to the river where he was born. By the way, trout living in fresh water in rivers belong to the salmon family. As a trivia, it’s a good idea to remember it.

Salmon fishing season

Spawning season for salmon occurs between September and February, depending on the region. Known for its salmon production, the sea has a long fishing season that begins around the end of August and peaks in October and November. The fishing season, however, may differ according to the year and sea temperature. Keep an eye out for information that starts around August if you are considering salmon fishing.

2. Find out how to catch salmon!

Salmon fishing consists mainly of fly, lure, floating, boat, throw, and mainstream fishing. Bristles with large red ends are effective when fly fishing. The lure fishing technique involves simulated baits (lures), and if you throw the interest in the water, it sinks to the seabed. Next, trace the salmon’s path. Among these devices, floating fishing is the most orthodox. Fishing with floats does not require frequent rod throwing. Even beginners will find it challenging, so if you need help with the gimmick, try floating fishing.

3. Floating fishing is the best method for salmon fishing.

In orthodox salmon fishing, the fish is caught by floating fishing. A floating rod can be used in various water depths, making the hit easy to understand. Select a slightly stiffer rock rod and a reel that can wrap nylon No. 5 fishing line around it about 100 meters. There are two types of floats: rod-shaped and conical. A rod-shaped float offers high sensitivity and good visibility. It is easily affected by wind and waves, making it difficult to use on bad days.
Conversely, the cone-shaped float gives the user a sense of stability and can be used regardless of the weather. Choose a float based on sea conditions, ease of use, etc. When fishing with slow movements, set a special float. A technique called “chon hanging” is recommended, where the bait is inserted shallowly into the needle tip.

4. Is there a bait that is suitable for catching salmon?

Small fish eat salmon as a staple food. For salmon luring, baits such as saury, bonito, red squid, etc. Slice saury and bonito into halves or strips. Pre-cut and salted tricks are available at fishing tackle stores and online stores, so purchase this one to improve your ability to modify bait.

The red squid is used as bait when fishing for salmon. They are red. The animals are skinned, skinless, or lame.

When choosing a trick, you need to compare tricks with different merits, such as those that hold well and those with a high presence.


There are many types of tricks, fishing methods, baits, etc., and comparing wisdom with salmon captivates advanced fishermen.

Various cooking techniques transform salmon into a delicious dish when you run out of easy fishing; let’s enjoy salmon fishing, which has taken it up a notch. Salmon fishing in the river is illegal in the country, so we want to fish in the sea instead.


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