8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023 Buying Guide

8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023 Buying Guide

8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023 Buying Guide.

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8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023?

An angling rod is equipment utilized in hunting, including a large rod with string secured under it using tacks.

When casting, the rope is placed on a spool that the fisherman turns to each take and releases the string during fishing.

At the bottom end of the hook are loops to catch the lure, commonly worms and creatures or synthetic baits, weights (or floats), and traps that maintain the attraction at the correct depth in the sea.

Regarding the second word

It’s no surprise that whitefish have a few of the gentlest stings, yet they can reach up to twenty pounds.

Walleye rods must be flexible and durable enough to catch the largest fish.

Additionally, it must be compact if you intend to exhaust your body by casting multiple times. The most effective for pike.

In terms of trout, many fishermen prefer to jig for largemouth bass, but others choose to trot.

You’re in excellent shape and ready to explore and jig. The St Croix Legend Series Walleye will fit whatever your taste in fishing.

Then, click this link for those looking for a fishing rod or casting rod, which is the least costly!

Here are our best 7 choices.

8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023?

  • Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod

  • St. Croix Rods Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rod, LWS

  • TICA UEHA421301S, Black, 7’0”

  • St Croix Eyecon Spinning (Best For Jigging)
  • Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

  • KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Baitcasting Combo, IM6 Graphite Blank Rods, SuperPolymer Handle

  • Spinning with Cadence CR5 (Highest Price)

Walleye Rods: The Seven Top Rods

8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023?

Keep learning if you find a rod for walleyes above your budget.

There are more affordable substitutes for the priciest poles.

Best legend alternative.

Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod

Guides: Titanium 

Blank Material: Graphite            

Handle Material: EVA Foam

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Action: Ranges from Fast to Extra Fast

Specifically designed for trout angling, the Elite Ti Walleye is just 1 of the various rods available for trolling and angling.

Immediately responsive rods are ideal for each bait fishing and troll fishing.

However, a quick reaction for the walleye differs from the identical action of an immediate response for the walleye.

Rapid-reaction rods optimized for the purpose are preferred for walleye fishing, such as the Elite Tech Walleye by Fenwick.

Also, I appreciate the high-quality Titanium guiding. Alconite is a good substance. However, it does not compare to titanium.

The titanium material is neither highly resilient nor extremely resistant to corrosion.

A St Croix Legend is expensive, and the Elite Tech Fenwick is a better budget-friendly option.

Select the rapid response and moderate strength, and you’re ready for action using the elite tech.

A great overall

St. Croix Rods Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rod, 

Guides: Fuji Alconite   

Action: Ranges from Moderate to Extra Fas    

Warranty Period: 15 Years

Guides: Fuji Alconite

Handle Material: Cork

Blank Material: Carbon Fiber

The expertly crafted Saint Croix Legend comfortably held the number one position over other rods.

Designed to be the most durable, smallest, and highly precise rod available, it’s also incredibly strong.

These make it a good choice for all angling methods, including fishing, jigging, or drifting. It likewise is equipped with a hook-holder.

A significant portion of its excellence can be credited to Saint Croix’s advanced techniques.

Saint Croix has been in existence for longer than seventy years. Over these seventy a century, their rods have relentlessly explored and invented better and more advanced methods for producing rods.

Currently, they have three patent-pending methods unique to their company.

The three techniques are the Incorporated Poly Curve (IPC), Modern Retaining Technique (ART), and the Resin Fortified System (FRS).

If you’re intrigued to explore them more deeply, seek information. In summary, ART, IPC, and FRS greatly improve the rod. And IPC, in particular, enhances the rod in terms of precision.

Neither competitor nor manufacturer can reproduce these methods. Legendary St Croix Championship Saltwater Walleye Rod is unsurpassed in durability, precision, and weightlessness.

The rod’s durability and precision make it one of the few lightweight, responsive fishing rods durable enough for trolling. This strength also implies using it for considerably bigger fishes, namely trout.

For those concerned regarding its durability, look at its constituents. Aconite guides crafted from aconite from Fujian are considered to be long-lasting.

Natural cork handle products have a life expectancy of up to fifty years. Due to this, it is reliable.

In addition, the Legend St Croix is fitted with Kigan’s catch-keeper. Hook-keepers shield rods from deterioration caused by handling and preservation by hook-keepers. Consequently, they are important enhancements to rods.


Overall, there are hardly any issues with the rod for walleyes – barring the expense. This walleye angling rod is the top-of-the-line product in this comparison.

This rod might appear expensive at a glance. However, it serves double duty as a trolling rod and a jigging rod.

The price of converting such an item to an excellent angling rod can significantly increase the value of a Legend St Croix by several dozen of money.

When you intend to do the two fishing and reeling, you’ll get greater than 100 USD by investing in the St Croix Legend. In addition, it’s covered by a fifteen-year service contract.

Best Ugly Stik Alternative

TICA UEHA421301S, Black, 7’0”

Guides: Fuji and aconite     

Action: Ranges from Fast to Extra Fast     

Blank Material: Graphite

Handle Material: Cork

Warranty Period: 1 Year

The Tica  Fishing Rod was created for anglers who want to fish for walleyes but cannot purchase a high-quality rod.

A trolling rod may also be suitable for fishing walleyes since it is delicate and strong enough to catch large lake trout.

The WMVA Stainless Steel Rod produced by Tica hardly fulfills the specifications.

Immediately, it’s classified as high intensity.

Fiberglass rods for walleyes are typically designed with fiberglass frames to make them durable and sufficient to catch bigger walleyes.

Its density of graphite renders it responsive and suitable for soft bites, as well.

The length is 7.58 feet, it’s too small for fishing, but it’s fine for hunting, although there are more suitable measurements than that.

More effective trolling reels are available; however, none are less expensive.

Here’s the perfect option if you’re shopping for an affordable walleye fishing rod.

Best For Jigging

St Croix Eyecon Spinning rods

St. Croix Rods Eyecon Spinning Rod, 6'6"(EYS66MF2), Walter Green
  • PREMIUM SCII CARBON FIBER CONSTRUCTION: High flexural strength and lightweight; Mid-modulus graphite fiber with a higher strain rate than common fibers; Most...
  • PREMIUM-GRADE CORK HANDLE: Ensure you maintain a strong grip on your Eyecon spinning fishing rod as you fight to reel in your catch

Guides: Aluminum Oxide    

Warranty Period: 5 Years

Blank Material: Carbon Fiber

Handle Material: Cork

Action: Ranges from Moderate to Extra Fast

Those who choose to jog overfishing will appreciate this reel.

Like the Legend of St Croix, the handmade Eyecon St Croix Spin Handle is durable, lightweight, responsive, and long-lasting.

Then you’ll be pleased to find out how it is equipped with a Hook-Keeper Kigan.

The reels are less than ten percent heavier, less durable, and not strong enough for all but the largest largemouth bass.

FRS technology lends itself to its durability.

Sensitivity is next.

A jigging rod needs a walleye pole to be extremely responsive, and the Eyecon St Croix provides exactly that.

SCII composite fiber renders it highly responsive and less heavy than conventional rods. This enables you to perform casting all day without effort and detect all but the timidest strikes from the largemouth bass.

The components consist of aluminum oxidation guide rods and rubber grips. It will ensure a very long service life for your trout reel.

To further solidify the agreement, the eyecon is equipped with Kigan’s eyecon keeper.

However, I cannot believe the comments on the website post. Their opponents are trying to malign the group.

In response to a one-star rating, their offerings bear the “Produced in Mainland China ” tag. The St. Croix company manufactures every one of their items in the USA, rendering this impossible.

Even though I typically lean on opinions to guide my choices, the comments on the item page need to be more trustworthy.

However, the Eyecon St Croix would make an excellent fishing rod compared to this. The fabric is lightweight, delicate, dense, and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is reasonably priced. What other information do you require?

Suitable For Fishing

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Fishing Rod, 8'6" - Heavy - 2pc
  • Perfect lengths and actions for Salmon and Steelhead fishing
  • Ugly stik clear tip design delivers extra strength right where you need it

Guides: Stainless Steel        

Warranty Period: 7 Years

Printed Surface: Textile composite

Product Composition: Natural cork

Action: Moderate Fast

Just like the unsightly Spincast Elite Rod, fishing rods are required to be bigger and more durable.

Moreover, it is long sufficient for fishing in complement to its durability, lightweight, sensibility, and robustness. The reliability conferred on it the status of a top casting rod for bass.

It isn’t lovely. Skate doesn’t have St Croix’s equipment. However, it’s capable of performing tricks.

The ugly stick can produce durable rods for over a decade – and good rea so.

Ugly Tech Construction is used in the Ugly Stik Elite Spincast, a technology exclusive to Ugly Stik.

By utilizing this method, they produce extremely strong rods. Using this method regarding the Under Stik Elite Spincast, there can be little argument that it is worthy of fighting with the biggest trout. The system is powerful enough to rely on a substantial bass.

The device is extremely strong, making you might need clarification if it can identify minor walleye scratches. You need not worry.

UT Construct utilizes two types of materials: glass and graphene.

Moreover, fiberglass is essential to the structure’s strength.

Graphite being a sensitive substance, is capable of being able to identify even the smallest bites of walleye. Don’t permit a walleye to elude from your fishing line.

The stainless-steel guiding elements are combined with wood fittings on this impressive walleye reel.

The stainless steel and rubber are strong substances; you’ll be ready to enjoy your Elite Ugly Stik for several decades.

The main unique characteristic of the ugly stick elite spin caster is its size.

The rope must be large sufficient for fishing – which mine is. With 8.5 feet of depth, it’ll come in handy when searching deep waters.

There is a more effective walleye angling tool compared to this. A fiberglass rod is thicker than carbon, so the Elite Ugly Stik is wider than the first two sticks.

Despite the reality that it’s relatively smaller and considerably stronger than the last 2 bars.

The greatest is probably still to appear. To get the most effective reel for fishing, make sure you choose the Ultra Stik Elite Spincast.

Best Eyecon Alternative

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Baitcasting Combo, IM6 Graphite Blank Rods, SuperPolymer Handle

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Spinning, 6ft, Medium Light, 2pcs, 2000 Reel
  • Exceptional Spinning & Baitcasting Reels – Fish like a gladiator! KastKing Crixus fishing reels feature lightweight, carbon infused frames, CNC aluminum...
  • KastFlex IM6 Graphite Blanks - KastKing Crixus spinning and casting rods are designed to deliver incredible performance for any budget. Crixus powerful and...

Guides: Fuji          

Warranty Period: Limited Lifetime

Blank Material: Composite

Action: Ranges from Moderate to Extra Fast

Handle Material: Cork

Many people love the St Croix Eyecon, but only some are willing to spend so much on a jigging rod.

I chose the WideEye Kastking to catch walleye for this purpose. Therefore, it’s less powerful than the Eyecon St Croix.

KastKing would’ve needed to incorporate carbon fiber for increased durability if not for the St Croix method.

However, it’s just slightly less effective. Regarding durability, the Fuji handles and wood grips can vouch for one another.

Regarding sensitivity, both are roughly similarly balanced.

Considering each of the above under consideration, for approximately fifty dollars lower, it’s no wonder that the WideEye Walleye from KastKing is slightly inferior.

Nevertheless, it’s responsive and powerful sufficient for the broad spectrum of fishing, including jigging.

Best Budget

Cadence Stout Saltwater Spinning Reel,

Cadence Stout Saltwater Spinning Reel, Smooth 7 + 1 Sealed Ball Ball Bearing System, Anti-Corrosion Saltwater Treatment, Saltwater Big Game, Powerful Carbon Fiber Drag with 41 lbs Drag (Stout-3000)
  • Strong Corrosion Resistance: The enhanced aluminum alloy body stem is corrosion resistant while the new GV-5H rotor doesn’t flex even in tough conditions. The...
  • Smooth Performance: The Stout spinning reel has a 7 + 1 sealed ball bearing system that is anti-corrosive and delivers maximum smoothness during retrieval.

Guides: High-Grade Metal 

Guarantee Term: One yr

Printed Fabric: Graphite Fabric

Handle Material: Rubber + EVA Foam

Action: Ranges from Moderate to Fast

At the time of the examination, I judged the value of the CR5 Cadence Spin Rod to be questionable.

Since I am using it, I’m grateful that I refused to judge it by its price. In the beginning, I assumed I was investing in a substandard rod. However, it exceeded all my expectations.

It performed admirably in terms of strength, flexibility, and lightness. The stiffness and response of the carbon composite rod components are better than adequate for catching walleye, and the performance is comparable to much more high-end rods.

However, it isn’t durable. My tip ripped after just a few times of applications, so I requested a new one.

While the price was expected at something close to the expected price, the Model 5 Caduceus Fishing Rod is an excellent choice for beginners interested in fishing with heavy equipment on a budget.

A variety of walleye rods

8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023 Buying Guide

Fish with a jig, trolling or letting your lure drift while searching for walleyes. Various angling methods have resulted in multiple styles of fishing rods.

The jigging

Firstly, you have jigging hooks.

As its title indicates, jigging rods for walleyes are intended for fishing.

Ensure your jigging is fast, smooth, and forward-looking when casting and trolling. Due to this, your trout-angling reel must have a quick response – at most reasonably quick.

If you’re fishing with your line, make it light sufficient to make sure the hand isn’t tired too soon.

Fishing poles are likely to be smaller because there isn’t a requirement for an especially lengthy rod.

You can pause the fishing and allow the catch to recover if your forearm gets overexerted. Make use of your jig rod as a fishing rod, too.


The second kind is rods for spinning.

The spinning rods are the simplest to operate. When fishing with spin rods, allow your catch to remain where you cast it. Therefore, it’s the easiest angling method.

Please note that spinning rods are similar to jig rods. I divided the items since this is an alternative method of angling.


The third and final category is trawling lines. Trolling rods are primarily used for hunting.

You’ll pull larger tackle and bait behind your fishing vessel, so water pressure will similarly exert pressure on a fishing rod. This implies that your whitefish fishing tackle will have to be more durable.

Your reel will require more length since catching fish in higher depths with extra-long fishing poles is simpler.

It would be preferable to opt for something other than a walleye fishing line, or it will be hard to detect the strike of the large fish due to the fluid repulsion. I suggest and prefer a moderately responsive rod.

Materials For Walleye Rods

Several rod substances are more delicate, while a few are more durable.

The section following is a detailed description of angling rod components.


This material is a composite of fibreglass and graphite.

If you were to estimate, your weapon would be more responsive and durable. It will contain a variety of different features. In essence, this is a strong, durable, and lightest rod.

Graphite (AKA Carbon Fiber)

The material graphite is occasionally also referred to as ceramic fibre. Graphite is commonly found in rods used for fishing because it is the highest in durability and lightweight material. However, it is also more high-priced. It’s obvious.


A fibreglass rod is suitable in situations requiring its strength to be durable. It’s stronger than graphene, less expensive, bulkier, and more delicate.

Choosing The Right Walleye Rod

I’m assuming you’ve already got your eyes set on one of the top rods for walleye in this guide.

Consequently, probabilities are, you might also be considering what dimension, strength, and approach to choose.

I created this article to assist you in selecting the best solution.


Generally, there are 2 categories to be aware of about duration.

The initial distance is between five and seven feet for casting and fishing reels. To jig, you will need thinner, lighter rods that are simpler to control.

The following depth is ten to eleven ft. The most suitable fishing area for casting walleyes lies in this region.

Fishing demands extra-long reels that are ideally fitted to the deepest oceans.

My preferred fishing rod is ten ft., so I suggest sticking with ten ft.

Even though the Spincast Ugly Stik Elite is just eight feet wide, it also provides sufficient strength.

Jigging and trolling need varying distances. In any case, the smaller angles suggested for a jigging rod for walleye are intended to minimize the rod weight getting too substantial.

There is an extended walleye pole similar to the Legend of St Croix Championship Walleye, and fishermen prefer it for trolling since it is lightweight.


Fishing power varies based on your trolling, migrating, or zigzagging method.

Jigging and spinning will require less effort than casting to catch on the biggest walleyes effectively.

A walleye angling rod needs maximum strength and power to guarantee it can tackle any size of trout.

To be equipped to compete on species bigger than smallmouth, like largemouth, feel comfortable going mid-heavy or possibly heavier.

When trolling, you should use special walleye reels that are slightly stronger because, as we discussed previously, they are required to be equipped with waterproofing.

I typically choose moderately dense, but you may prefer thick or extremely dense as you like.


Jigging and spinning demand heightened awareness. You would like to experience the smooth flavor of the walleye, so select a quick or even another speedy one.

There will be reduced response for fishing, so medium speed or fast should do.

Frequently Asked Questions

8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023?

8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023 Buying Guide

As compared to different fish, whitefish are lesser recognized than whitefish. You can discover solutions to your trout queries on this page.

Walleyes: How big can they get?

Before this, I explained that large walleyes are typically around 19 and 30 pounds, but the largest documented weight is 18 kilograms.

What rods do I need for walleye fishing?

Trolling and jigging rods diverge significantly, as you probably have noticed by this moment.

As a result, walleye hunters choose unique fishing poles for themselves.

Walleye angling gear that can serve as either jigging or trolling rods continues to be available. Legendary World Series fishing is evidence of this.

What size rod for walleye fishing?

A 6’6″ medium, fast-action fishing rod, paired with a large 35 reel, will enable you to catch virtually all common walleye methods.

As you become familiar with the techniques to fish for largemouth bass, we suggest investing in a lightweight rod and jigging combination designed for trolling and artificial jigs.

The best walleye fishing rods for trolling, jigging, and spinning

  • An Elite Technology Fishing Spinning Rod. Length: 6’3” …
  • Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rod. Length: 6’6” …
  • Tica Tactica XP WMVA Walleye Casting Rod.
  • Our Pick! KastKing WideEye Walleye Rod
  • Saint Croix Legacy Competition Walleye Rods
  • St. Croix Eyecon Spinning Rod. …

Here’s my verdict

8 Best Walleye Rods For 2023 ?

Although walleyes fight ineffectively, walleye attacks are difficult to identify.

A high-quality trout fishing reel will enable you to bring in the biggest walleyes and locate the smallest walleyes.

Since all reels on this selection are equipped for that, you’re overwhelmed with options.

The Legend St Croix Championship Walleye is excellent if you need help deciding which to select.

Besides being the heaviest, smallest, and strongest sensitivity rod, it is also exceptionally reliable.

Wishing you plenty of good fortune on your upcoming walleye angling excursion!

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